The Young Changemakers


Peer Educators Programme



  • To empower the youth to deal with various life issues proactively
  • To develop emotional health of the students of the city



The youth have the power to change our society as they are the future of our country. While the young people of India have huge potential, there is not enough sensitivity towards the struggles they face. The modern adolescent faces a number of problems which are related to self, home, school and society.


The inability to deal with these issues often leads to the youth getting into various risk-taking behaviours. Our surveys among school going students show that the majority of them choose to talk out their problems, either with their peers or with no one at all. It puts them at risk as their peers are typically struggling in the same areas with the same level of knowledge to deal with such issues.


Half truths and partial information can mean that these kids make choices which have dangerous consequences.

In response to the needs of the students to have peer helpers our organization has decided to have this peer educators training for 25 students from eight schools of Dehradun.

The training is yet another effort of the organization towards achieving our goal of empowering the youth. The training aims to field within the student body a network of trained and supervised students who will be agents of positive peer influence.