"You need to go into various schools and get students talking" said a student during the Face It 1999, a workshop held with about 90 students from 20 prestigious schools in Dehradun, to address issues and struggles faced by the youth. This was said in context of solutions to address their struggles.

"We NEVER talk about Real Life issues" he affirmed. Others agreed too.


Thus began the Lifeskills curriculum (LSC) which since 1999 has been constantly evolving to achieve what it set out to: Empower students to make value based choices. The mandate given by the students in '99 has translated into the Lifeskills Curriculum (LSC).


The curriculum, ranging from short 6 week courses to an extensive 2 Year course covers an array of issues; from Relationships, Choices, Self - Esteem, Feelings,  to ones relating to Sexual Health