[Peer Educators continued...]




After selection, the Peer Educators would begin an intense 3 month training from April to June, with a follow-up once a month for the months beginning July till December, when the Programme would officially end with the Changemakers Graduation. During April and May, the selected students would be involved in teaching “Lifeskills” to class X students in the participating schools.


This they would do along with our team, getting hands on experience of peer education. The training for these months would be done during weekends. Beginning middle of May, when schools close for summer vacation, until June end, the Changemakers would have 3 intense training days a week where they would be challenged to work out other real life issues such as handling feelings, proactive response to situations, conditioning, relationships, teamwork, sexuality and sexual health, limits, choices, peer pressure etc.


The training would have various activities such as self–exploration, group discussions on various relevant issues, training on non-directive counseling, exposure visits, social action, volunteering, creative learning, role plays etc.


The following activities would be undertaken to achieve the objectives:

•        Icebreaking/ Fun games

•        Life Skills Training- decision making skills, proactivity,

          listening skills, problem solving, and mediation and conflict resolution


•        Facilitating  life skills teaching to students in around 10 schools in the city

•        Small Group Discussions

•        Group Activities

•        Brainstorming Sessions

•        Exposure Trips to IMA blood bank, rural Communities, slums

•        Presentations

•        Creative learning: cake baking, puppetry, power point presentations, etc.

•        Assignments

•        Role Plays

•        Adventurous activities: hiking to Mussoorie, biking, etc

•        Movies on issues like global warming, human trafficking, poverty,HIV/AIDS   

•        Social Action- cleaning, sowing and distributing saplings

•        Campaigns, street shows

•        Volunteering with Ngo’s working on different social issues

•        Workshops by the group in their school at the end of the training