Objectives of the project

To Provide love and Affection

The main problem that these poor children face is one of rejection. They trust no-one, put faith in no-one, and will not ask for help from anyone. They build a defense around themselves that is almost impossible to    penetrate. However, with constant love and affection, this barrier melts away... and the real nature of the child shines through like a golden ray of warm sunshine.

To provide security to street children

Providing a safe place where they know that the door is always open to them.

To provide facilities for cleanliness

Training and hygiene along with providing the necessary facilities to be a component of the project.

To provide facilities for literacy

Most of the children we see daily, working in hotels, mechanic shops, factories... or just picking rags and begging, are illiterate, and will stay that way if not given the chance to learn. One of the aims of the project is to establish basic literacy thorugh nurturing their willingness and ability to learn.

To develop health and nutrition facilities

Provision of regular medical care and a daily nutritious meal is necessary for healthy child development.