Daycare/education service

Daily Monday to Friday - Daycare service provided for ragpickers and children involved in begging. The schooling imparted includes Mathematics, Hindi, English, Social Studies, and Science for those children who have had no formal education.

For those who are with the basics already, individualized study programmes are designed to help them pass the 5th, 8th and 10th class government exams.

Art, and music are regular components of the four-hour teaching programme which is finished off with a nutritious hot meal for all those attending.

There is an average of about 50+ children every day depending on the parents’ migration patterns of returning to Bihar and other places during harvest time.

Handicraft Training

Seasonal Training in diya and candle making for boys over the age of 14 who presently work as ragpickers. This is the first attempt at training older children in skills and vocations which would give them a better quality of life.