[Community History continued...]


The campus is about family. Walking through the campus you would come upon three hostels each with their own play and activity space. Each of the three hostels is cared for by a couple with their own children, along with 14-18 boys, who eat together, study together, grow vegetables and play together. Two hostels have boys ranging in ages from four to thirteen.


The other hostel is for the older boys who are ages thirteen to eighteen. A total of about 45 boys live on the campus while other boys live off-campus, pursuing special training or higher education according to their ability and interest. The children come from a variety of backgrounds, all with the same need: FAMILY!


Apart from the hostels, the campus includes a farm, a dairy, school, workshops, central kitchen, swimming pool, cricket field, volunteer quarters, etc. The farm provides vegetables for making curries, mustard for cooking oil, wheat for chapatis, lentils, ginger, tapioca, fish, fruit and many other crops.

The tube-well provides clean drinking water, a coveted necessity for life and health,  while irrigating the fields, filling the fish pond and the swimming pool, keeping our neighbours and ourselves healthy. The cows provide milk to drink and to sell.


The community is a place of belonging where each individual has a place and importance, a place to discover their own uniqueness, whether it be their abilities, talents or interests.

The school, workshops, playgrounds, farm and dairy provide ample opportunity for each and every child to find a place where they shine!

The younger children have such a fun, full and active childhood and as they grow older, they are able to take up the various responsibilities preparing them for facing real life issues and the many practical challenges later leading them to become competent leaders.

According to their interests, capabilities, school results and selections, they go for higher studies or training, funded by some of the wonderful partners or work.

Each day and every child is witness to the extravagant love and care of God for these young lives over the years till they eventually leave the community to take upto their lives.

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