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Jeff Reichanadter | from United States

Dear Ken and Frieda,

We count it such a great privilege to be living here for these five months. Thank you for allowing us to serve and to have a small part in what is God is doing in the lives of the people here.

Our time with your boys has been a blessing. We have waited and participated as they reached out to our family, to each other and to God.
We have seen them in their triumphs and failures,in moments of excitement and sadness. We have loved sharing life in this tight community.

Your leaders have been an inspiration to us as we watch many of them serve so selflessly and pour their lives into this ministry.

The investments you are making here are not in vain.
Your vision is inspiring , your heart for God and for people is evident and it is clear that God is using you here.

Your team of leaders respect you here, the boys admire and love you and we appreciate your leadership, your friendship and your partnership in bringing he kingdom of God to earth. We are learning so much from you.
Thank you for you faithfulness !

Love, Jeff.

on August 02, 2009 6:41 AM 

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