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Adrienne Reichanadter | from United States

Dear Ken and Frieda,

It's been an amazing experience for our whole family to be here in this place.
Clayton(5.5yrs) and Emma (3.5yrs) have grown to love these boys as friends.
They enjoy playing , swimming , working , eating meals, having devotions, playing games and reading books with the boys. They have even learned a few hindi words ! :)
Emma always enjoyed the "muffin man" and we all benefited from your yummy cakes and treats.

Jeff and I have enjoyed getting to know these boys, hearing their stories, seeing their hearts for God, and being part of this story here.
We will be forever marked by our time here in Shishya Community.
Thank you for your obedience to God's calling and for the vision you have for this place.
So many lives have been touched because of your work here.
May god continue to bless and use you mightily.

on August 01, 2009 12:23 PM 

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