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Counseling Facility

Daily Free counseling and helpline facilities provided 365 days a year to youth and students. This may be accessed by calling the helpline (+91-8126482482), email, or by dropping in to the Center between 3pm and 7 pm. Provided on call services for counseling at schools where crisis/counseling intervention was requested.

Thrice annually training for teachers, parents and prospective volunteers in the basics of counseling & listening skills and techniques

Family counseling available for parents with children on appointment as well as during the 3-7pm daily counseling hours

Drop in Center                                                            

Daily Free drop in facilities provided for youth and students 365 days a year including provision of books, reading materials, games, discussions, debates, music programmes, table tennis etc.

Every Saturday organized group discussion held to address one specific issue, different every week to help students gain confidence in speaking in a group as well as to help students to work out their response to specific social issues such as abortion, gender issues, AIDS, child labour etc .Suggest Topics

Every Friday students come for table tennis, chess and carom competitions which are stress busters, along with music where students sing and play music together., along with music where students sing and play music together.

Cycling - (Build) Bonds on Wheels: Cycling to Friendships

The purpose of the bikers’ club is to build relationships with and among school students and DYC Volunteers in a natural way by getting out and cycling. A bigger purpose is to strengthen bonds between parents and their children by encouraging parents to join their kids for some quality time on the bikes!

Over the last 6 months, we have seen the number of bikers in the club swell from 3 to over a 100! This includes students from classes as low as class 4 up to class 12, college and beyond. The trips have served as amazing opportunities for students to know one another and for the DYC team to build trust and model love and care to the students. It is exciting to see the few parents who come to wave goodbye to their kids at the start of the trip; not to mention the few who cycle along with them.

Want to know more, come and JOIN US for a RIDE!!

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